Kids are always embarrassed by their parents, right? One parent from New York state may not be helping matters, as officials say the 40-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with aggravated DWI. According to county police, the suspect drove drunk across the front lawn of an elementary school.

Police Say New York Mother Drove Drunk Across School Property

CBS says that deputies responded to a call Thursday at Cato Elementary School. Cayuga County Sheriff’s deputies said the mother of one of the students drove over the lawn of the school and ended up striking a curb near an area where students are picked up. Deputies and school officials were able to remove the keys from the vehicle.

No students or pedestrians were hit or injured.

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Police did not say exactly how much the suspect had had to drink that day, but she is now facing a number of charges including aggravated DWI, suspended registration, uninsured motor vehicle and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the third degree.

Andy Dean
Andy Dean

New York Man Drives Drunk to DWI Impact Meeting

You hear accounts of courts mandating drunk driving education classes or victim impact meetings for defendants busted for driving while intoxicated to attend. The DWI impact meetings are supposed to get the point across about the potentially dire consequences of driving drunk, often with first-hand accounts from victims of drunk driving.

However, you're not allowed to show up to the meeting while actually drunk.

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The Chautauqua County Sheriff says that a suspect was charged with DWI on his way to a DWI Impact Meeting at the Ashville Boces Complex in Ashville, NY. WENY says that deputies determined that the man was drunk while registering for the class right there in the facility. Officials say that the man's BAC was near twice the legal limit.

Guess he failed the class.

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