During a patrol on Saturday night, two officers attempted to apprehend an owl.

According to a Facebook post by the Red Hook police, the owl was found sitting right in the middle of the road on Route 9G near Bard College. Officer Simmons and Officer Sterritt were on patrol when they found the bird.

Not sure if the animal needed assistance, the officers called animal control. While they waited for backup to arrive they were able to snap a few photographs with the owl. According to their report, the owl then flew off and headed for the trees. By the time animal control arrived, the owl was already gone. There has been no warrant issued for its  arrest.

From the photos, it's most likely that the animal was a Barred Owl. They are quite common on the Hudson Valley, although not usually seen because of how they easily blend into the trees. Wildlife experts suggest that people do not attempt to handle birds of prey, even if they are found injured. The birds can cause severe injury with their beaks and talons if not handled properly. If you find an owl, call a professional before approaching it yourself.