Bad Bunny fans in El Paso are left empty-handed and upset after tickets are sold out in minutes and resold for up to nearly $20,000.

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Bad Bunny recently announced that he was returning next year to El Paso performing at the Don Haskins Center. But while die-hard fans were looking forward to seeing the Puerto Rican reggaeton sensation, they instead were left disappointed after finding out that tickets had sold out immediately.

Soon after, floor and first row seats began to pop up via the resell feature on Stub Hub or Ticketmaster for thousands of dollars.


Fans were left deflated and angry because who in their right mind – no offense Bad Bunny – but who would pay $20K for any concert?

It’s ludicrous and mad to spend so much money on a single concert ticket, in my opinion. Concert goers are free to do as they wish with their own money, but for me, unless it’s a true, complete VIP experience, would I even consider the thought of spending so much on a single ticket. Throw in dinner and drinks, merchandise, and the opportunity to hang out with the artist(s), and a charitable donation to my favorite local charity; then and only then would I consider throwing down $20K for a single concert ticket.


How Does This Happen?

To curtail ticket scalpers, many ticket outlets have created a safer and legit way to resell authorized tickets to prevent fraud. Instead, what is happening is that the initial ticket buyers quickly buy them up away from fans and turn around and gouge patrons with inflated prices, sometimes thousands more than what they're worth.

For years, ticket outlets such as Ticketmaster have received pushback by artists who try to lean the advantage towards their fans when buying concert tickets. Even Pearl Jam once tried to fight the behemoth ticket outlet to no avail.

What’s The Solution?

I don't know, but maybe we should switch back to a first-come-first-served basis where fans camp out to score concert tickets, ensuring that diehard fans get in.

Until someone figures out a better way, fans are going to continually get stuck paying insane amounts over face value for a single concert ticket, and there’s nothing cool about that.

As of writing this, the lowest-priced resale tickets to see Bad Bunny at the Don Haskins Center start at $577. To view the seating chart and available tickets, Click HERE.

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