A whole new show featuring Newburgh's Orange County Choppers premieres this week, and fans can get an early sneak preview.

Fans of “American Choppers” got some exciting news back in November: The show is returning, but in a very different format.

In an email sent to their fans, Orange County Choppers announced that they were working on a new version of their reality series that ran for 10 seasons. The announcement explained that fans have been clamoring for the Teutul family to return to television, so Paul Sr. and company decided to launch a new show.

The email went on to explain how the new show will be a little bit different than the old “American Choppers:”

The bikes we used to build on the show were BIG projects, but we never really covered all the little projects we do. The $8,000 to $30,000 bikes and cars etc that we work on… So, with this new show, we are going to show you who we REALLY are.

Since that announcement very little details were officially released about the project, but we've learned that the show will be Internet based and the first episode will be released on Friday.

Without the restrictions of traditional television, the Teutuls will be able to present their own vision of the show, and presumably not have to edit themselves. We're not sure if the new show will be bleeped or not, but a "sizzle reel" featuring old footage has been running on the new show's website. It ends with an unedited expletive as Mikey yells out "F- yeah, that's what I want."

Fans who want a sneak preview of the new show can sign up at the official website where they will be able to access the premiere episode on Wednesday.