Smitty has had many bad experiences with our vending machine. Today, he decided to help a co-worker out. 

I have seriously battled our ridiculously stupid vending machine so many times, it's a joke at this point.

If your food doesn't get stuck in this damn machine, your snack has a very good chance of being stale. Also, the machine likes to demand exact change on a regular basis.

Upon walking into the kitchen to get a soda, I discovered that somebody in the building had attempted to purchase some Veggie Chips from our evil vending machine.

So, in an attempt to help out a co-worker, I decided I was going to get the chips out as my good deed for the day.

Compared to all the times I have unleashed war on this machine, this was probably the easiest challenge.

Operation: Free the Veggie Chips was a success!