According to my research, there are two or three of you that deliver my mail, and you're all equally terrible at your job. I should feel bad saying that, but watching you over the last year not show any pride in your job leaves me feeling okay with saying that.

I know there are a few of you that are responsible for delivering my mail on a daily basis. I never really had a problem with getting packages delivered to my house, until the pandemic began. Like most people, once COVID struck we ended up ordering things more frequently. Being home during the day, I really got to see how my packages are handled. I was surprised to see how much you don't care. It's almost like you're determined to not get out of your little mail truck.

We've opened packages and the contents have been broken because the box was thrown for no reason. Then on top of the thrown packages, one time you were parked in my driveway after throwing my package, and you were having what sounded like a fight with your significant other over the phone. You were so loud that my children came and got me to tell me someone was yelling and swearing outside. Yup, that was you cursing and screaming obscenities scaring two little girls who were in their own home simply trying to play.

Today, you delivered a package that was supposed to come yesterday, but I'll ignore the lateness, and focus on the fact that you threw my package like a Frisbie out of your mail truck window. My package slammed off my garage door and landed in a pile of snow to begin getting wet. You then sped off, like usual with your awful music blasting along the way.

The reason I haven't complained about you is solely based on the fact that I don't want to prevent mail from being delivered to my house in the future. Judging by your lack of caring for your job, I'm assuming you would probably be spiteful as well. I guess I'll have to go back to having my packages delivered somewhere else since you obviously can't handle the job.

- Smitty

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