An investigation is underway after an oil spill was discovered in upstate New York.

At 618 feet, Seneca Lake in Geneva, NY is the state's deepest body of water. It's also the focus of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEP) after an apparent oil spill was seen spreading near local train tracks and into the lake.

Oil Spill in Seneca Lake in Geneva, NY

"Story unfolding: unidentified oil spilling into north end of Seneca Lake", began a Facebook post from Finger Lakes Film Co. The spill, which seems to have a clear entry point, was photographed spreading into deeper waters. With issues of water contamination after the recent train derailment in Ohio, many residents were worried that nearby train tracks were somehow involved.

The spill happened in Geneva, NY in the northern part of Seneca Lake (Google/Canva)
The spill happened in Geneva, NY in the northern part of Seneca Lake (Google/Canva)

Theories on Oil Spill Cause in Geneva, NY

"Right behind the highway are train tracks... not saying that that's what it is, but considering recent events in Norfolk Ohio I wouldn't be surprised if it was", observed one commenter. Luckily, the NYS DEC investigation was able to eliminate that theory and pinpoint the source of the spill.

Source of Petroleum Spill in Seneca Lake, NY

The NYS DEC's investigation concluded that the spill was in fact a petroleum leak from a container on private property. The report further shared that the leak terminated in the lake after travelling through a storm sewer and the local Marsh Creek, which feeds Seneca Lake. The DEC also shared what New Yorkers should do if they believe a similar spill has occurred.

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When to Report an Oil Spill in New York State

It is New York state law for most petroleum or similar oil spills to be reported to the DEC within two hours of discovery. The only spills not required to be reported are spills under five gallons that have not entered state land or water, and are both under control and being cleaned up by the "spiller". Learn more here.

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