All right so recently news broke about a recent theft that occurred here in the Hudson Valley. Apparently one individual walked into a local Hudson Valley bank and quite literally pulled a fast one on the bank teller while conducting business.

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NYS Searching for "Slight of Hand" Thief

The incident in question occurred at the Millbrook bank located on Church Street in Pine Plains. In the press release from the New York State Police, it states that a bank teller called the theft into question after conducting a transaction with a customer.

Royal Flush in poker

It is alleged that the individual (pictured below) during the transaction with the bank teller pulled a "slight of hand" trick and managed to walk away with $350 dollars. New York State Police are requesting that any individual who happens to have information on the suspect to contact them immediately.

New York State Police-Press Release
New York State Police-Press Release

New York State Police have also revealed the current case number assigned to this investigation. That case number is 11513583. Revealing the case number is merely a method to making sure that any useful information on the case goes to the proper team assigned to the investigation.

Thefts in the Hudson Valley

It's not a particularly good thing to say, but, the Hudson Valley and local businesses are not strangers to incidents of theft. One search on our websites of the word "theft" will find you a plethora of different cases that we have reported on.

Magician's Card Trick
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

With that being said, this incident is kind of intriguing to me. Maybe it's because I'm someone who never could master the art of juggling, or maybe it could be that I'm someone who could just be prone to falling for these kinds of tricks? It's probably more likely that this person may have just watched "Now You See Me" or may be she watched a Chris Angel marathon, maybe you could even call it dumb luck.

As with most cases like this though, luck eventually runs out.

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