She must have been looking for McDonald's?

In one of the stranger stories we've heard in a while, a Suffolk County woman was arrested after she allegedly mistook a jail security booth for a fast food drive-through. 

Oh yeah, she was also high as a kite with dilated pupils and white powder residue in her left nostril, according to deputies.

PIX 11 says the incident happened Friday morning when the 44-year-old woman drove up to the Riverhead Correctional Facility and insisted to order a bacon, egg, and, cheese. The Deputy Sheriff informed the confused driver that this was a correctional facility and not some fast food place.

But according to Pix 11, our hungry driver wouldn't take no for an answer.

Oh yeah, after failing the sobriety tests she was also found to be driving without a valid license, according to police. No word if they ever got her the bacon, egg and cheese she wanted once they brought her to jail.