Will the minimum wage increase?

After weeks of delays, a tentative agreement has been reached on the New York state budget. As both sides continued to iron out the many details, the April 1 state deadline was extended five times to keep the government running, and to make sure employees were still getting paid.

According to Gothamist, this would make it the latest state budget since 2010, when an agreement wasn't reached until August. The Post Standard says that Governor  Hochul and NY state lawmakers have agreed to a tentative deal on a $229 billion budget.

New York Minimum Wage

One huge factor was a proposed increase to the state's hourly minimum wage, which some politicians had been pushing for to be set at over $20 dollars an hour. According to the Post Standard, the current minimum wage for workers in New York City and Long Island is $15, while the rest of the state is at $14.20 an hour.

Many New York State Employees to See a Raise? 

According to Gothamist, New York lawmakers and Governor Kathy Hochul reached a compromise to increase the minimum wage by 50 cents a year until it reaches $17 an hour in New York City and LI. But there are bigger increases for now coming for the Hudson Valley, according to the budget deal.

Blake Borg
Blake Borg

Gothamist reports that areas "north of Westchester County" will get an increase of 80 cents in 2024, then 50 cents a year after that until it hits $16.

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Gothamist also says that after those rates are reached, the wage would then be tied to inflation in line with the Consumer Price Index, rather than be subject to the desires of NY state lawmakers.

Compromise Finally Reached?

The Post Standard says that some wanted to increase the state’s minimum wage to $21.25 by 2026, and then adjust it each year going forward for inflation. Those in favor continue to bring up rampant inflation, and that the living wage set in the pre-COVID world no longer being realistically sustainable.

Opponents say the increase in hourly wages could hurt smaller business, and force employers to lay off employees

The federal minimum wage of $7.25 has not changed since 2009, though a number of states and localities in the country increased their minimum wages for hourly workers after January 1, 2022, according to Paycor.

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