Ever found yourself in a situation where your neighbor's tree is in your yard, or parts of the neighbor's tree, like the branches or limbs? Can you legally trim that part of the tree back in New York State?

While you might want the answer to be "yes" have at it, cut it down, clean it up and be done with it, not so fast in New York State (heck in almost all the states). There are a couple of ways to answer this question, keep reading.

Can you legally cut down your neighbor's tree if it is in your yard?

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Do you like your neighbor? The best way to handle this is to go to your neighbor and discuss the tree, maybe they will split the cost with you to take the tree down? If you don't like the neighbor and would rather not talk to them about anything, then you have the law on your side for something else. 

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If you neighbor's branches or tree limbs are in your yard can you cut those?

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Yes, you can legally cut the limbs and branches off your neighbor's tree if they cross over onto your property. However, you will keep a bit more friendly relationship with your neighbor if you have a discussion with them about the issue and offer to pay for the trimming yourself.

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Can you just hire a tree service and get the tree limbs, branches taken care of without having that chat with your neighbor? Yes, but a tree trimmer will more than likely refuse to do the cutting if they actually have to cross onto the neighbor's property to do the cutting.

Best case scenario, ask the neighbor about the tree, see if there is an agreement that you can come to without getting pettiness into the discussion.

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