There never seems to be a dull moment working with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). New helicopter footage from upstate New York shows some pretty spectacular footage.

It's all related to a new research project focused on one of the most impressive animals to step foot in the state. While a different study recently shined the spotlight on this awesome predator, the DEC helicopter in the Adirondacks spotted something much, much larger.

NY DEC via Facebook
NY DEC via Facebook

Moose Research in New York

The video taken in Adirondack Park is part of a years-long project based on juvenile moose. The DEC has teamed up with multiple New York universities to collar and track the young animals to get a better understanding of their movement and survival. The brief clip shared by the DEC (below) shows multiple moose galloping through the New York forest.

Moose in the Hudson Valley

Even though these moose are hundreds of miles north of the Hudson Valley, it's possible (although rare) to spot these giant beasts in our hometowns as well. Just a few months ago, a moose on the loose in East Fishkill, NY stirred a spirited debate over the correct way to handle such a large wild animal in a residential area.

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Moose Mortality in New York State

While young moose can be targets for bears and even coyotes, the leading cause of death for all moose in New York is humans. The study estimates that nearly 60% of the deceased moose the DEC has discovered were killed by a vehicle collision.

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There are now 30 moose being tracked for the research project in the Adirondacks, but wherever you are in New York, any moose sighting can be reported here. Check out the best way to deal with nearly every wild animal in our state, from cute to deadly, below.

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