They'll always figure out a way to get you. But even when you don't own a vehicle?

That's the story of Manhattan residents Bob and Sandy Durell. Pix 11 says the elderly couple got a notice in the mail saying they owed one hundred dollars for two unpaid tickets from August 2017. One of the violations was at a parking meter on W. 116th Street, and the other for the license plate number and the registration not matching.

Thing is, they haven't had their 1999 Lexus since 2013. So what gives?

PIX says that Mrs. Durell turned in the license plates at the DMV office. She sent the DMV a copy of the car’s bill of sale and the receipt to clear their names. What ended up happening was the bureau said that while they weren't guilty of the parking violation, they were still guilty of the license plate issue.

Once license plates are turned in, they're supposed to be destroyed at a recycling plant. Looks like that didn't happen. Someone else has their old plates. On top that, we all know how bureaucracies can be. The Durells have been fighting the system for eight months. 

The couple was even threatened with additional fines from the city.

My husband is 85 years old. I am 77. We are not able to keep dealing with the problems of your office. Please correct your records!

Finally, with a little outside help--and even more sent paperwork--the Durells had their cased dismissed.

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