Over the weekend New York State Police officers had their hands full in the village of Goshen. One New Jersey driver, decided to turn one interaction with law enforcement into a full fledged car chase. Unlike in the world famous 'Fast & Furious', this Jersey driver did not manage to escape the cops on his heels.

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The State Police Chase is On

The event in question took place around 11:30am on Sunday October 1. A Middletown State Trooper spotted a 2012 Mazda 3 speeding on the westbound side of route 17 in the village of Goshen. The Trooper then began his pursuit of the vehicle and just like that, the chase was on.

New York State Police
New York State Police

According to the press release, the driver was spotted on multiple different roads during the pursuit including Fletcher Street and Cheechunk Road. The pursuit would eventually come to an end rather unceremoniously, as the driver would leave the roadway and came into contact with a railroad tie.

fading tracks

Following striking the railroad tie, the driver was out of commision and his vehicle was declared "totalled". Troopers would then identify the driver as 20 year old Justin Cedeno, of Plainfield New Jersey.

Policeman working on computer in car

Once the vehicle and Cedeno were out of commision, the question became, why did the chase start in the first place? According to the press release Cedeno fled because "he thought his license was suspended", however a quick license check showed that his license in fact was NOT suspended.

State Police Charges and Punishment

As one could imagine, leading the State Police on a car chase and then getting caught can only mean that things have gone from bad to worse. That's on top of now not having a car.

Following the chase, State Troopers charged the 20 year old Cedeno with...

Reckless Driving and Fleeing an Officer in a Motor Vehicle 3rd degree


In addition, Cedeno was also offered a heaping helping of 28 tickets. Not that's not a typo, he was dished out 28 different. If found guilty of the crime, Cedeno could be facing jail time in the form of "...one year behind bars". It is also possible that the accused if found guilty could be subject to fines as well as 3 years probation depending on the judges discretion.

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Hand in jail

To think, one decision is all it took to take this situation from bad to worse. Hindsight is 20/20 but can't help but have the feeling that this individual wishes he could have a do over for this one.

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