A new poll released today by Siena College shows Cuomo at his best favorability rating in over two years.

For the first time since July of 2014 Governor Andrew Cuomo has a positive job performance rating. The Siena Poll also shows that more New Yorkers favorably view the Governor this month. It's his highest rating since January of 2015.

Last month Cuomo's favorability rating was 56%. The latest poll shows him now at 60%. As far as job performance goes, the Governor shot up to 50% this month. With a disapproval rate of 45% this is the first time half of the voters say they would actually vote for him for re-election.

While still not the greatest numbers, Cuomo is still far more popular with New Yorkers than the President. Trump's favorability ratings continue to fall for the second straight month. According to the Siena Poll, 59% of New Yorkers have a negative view of the president, with only 36% saying they support him. As far as job performance goes, Trump fares even worse. He received a negative 68%.

The data shows Cuomo receives big points for supporting the end of the millionaire's tax, working to allow ride sharing services across the state and his plan to enhance the middle-class child care tax credit.

President Trump received failing grades on every single issue asked, but voters seem to be most concerned with the way he is representing the United States on the world stage and advancing the Middle East peace process. On both of those issues the President received only a 25% favorability rating.

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