The State of Vermont has a law, the Patient Choice at End of-Life Law (Act 39), which allows persons who are in their final stages of life (terminally ill) to self-administer medication which will allow them to end their life on their own terms.

In the beginning of May 2023, Vermont changed its law that required all of the persons who decided to end their life this way. The change allows patients who live in New York State to be able to take advantage of this medical option.

How can New Yorkers choose to End Their Life in the State of Vermont?



There are many restrictions for New Yorkers so they can choose to do this in New York State. There are many steps that you will need to take to go through the process, all of which will need to be done while inside the state of Vermont. 

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Does New York not allow this option to end one life?

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At this time there are 10 states where you can currently 'die with dignity.' The states that you can do this include, California, Maine, Vermont, Colorado, New Jersey, Washington, District of Columbia, New Mexico, Hawaii, and Oregon. Each one of these states also does have additional regulation.

What about New York? When will they have the right to die in New York State?

While this law has not been passed in New York State, yet there has been a bill that is in the New York State Senate which would make this legal in New York.

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