It seems that every few months New Yorkers are going to the polls to approve or vote on something. Thank you for voting when you are supposed to, it is your constitutional right to do it.

So, with everything that has changed with the redistricting in New York State, is the polling location that you have gone to for ages, still the same one that you are supposed to be casting your vote at? How can you find out where to go?

Where is your polling place in New York State? How to find out?

Photo by Tiffany Tertipes on Unsplash
Photo by Tiffany Tertipes on Unsplash

Thank you for wanting to cast your vote, it is important. How can you find out where to actually go in person, to place your vote? There are a few places, but probably the one that you should keep handy is the following, while you can search by your county Board of Elections, the New York State Board of Elections website, has a way to get the info. 

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Wait, are you sure that you are actually registered to vote in New York State? Or do you need to change your address with the Board of Elections?

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To change your address or to make sure that you are actually registered to vote, you will need to check with your local board of elections. Click here to see how to locate the one for your New York State County.

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