Do the words "Venti Nitro Cold Brew" make your eyes roll back in your head, because you have no idea what is being said? There is a very special language that not many people know, it is the language of Starbucks.

What does a Venti mean? What is the real reason that Starbucks refuses to sell a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in a Venti? Depending on which barista you ask, you get a different answer, keep reading, because here is the real reason.

What is a Venti when ordering at Starbucks?

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Starbucks really does have its own language, and there are times when I think it would be easier to order anything in Russian, under water, while skydiving, than it is to order a cup of coffee at Starbucks. What does it mean to get a Venti? Most of the beverages that you can order at Starbucks come in small (Tall), medium (Grande) and large which is also known as a Venti. To get a Venti is to get a large, don't worry about it if you can't remember. The baristas also recognize the terms small, medium and large. 

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So what is the deal? Why won't Starbucks sell a Venti Nitro Cold Brew?

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Let's first go after the Nitro cold brew. The cold brew is a black coffee, how it is served is the Nitro part. When a barista pours it into your cup, it is actually coming through something that looks more like a beer tap. There is nitrogen also coming through that tap, along with the coffee. The addition of the nitro part of it, offers a smoother creamier mouthfeel, similar to that of a stout beer.

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The reason that Starbucks doesn't sell it in a Venti? The nitro part of it doesn't hold up to volume of the large size. Since Starbucks doesn't believe it will be the best experience for their customers, they won't sell it. Ask your barista, see what they tell you the reason is.

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