As many know the current opioid epidemic has raged and caused great damage across the country. New York in particular has been one of the most heavily impacted states. As a way to combat this particular issue, numerous counties across New York state have decided to participate in a new study with the goal of curving, cutting and reducing the overall number of opioid-related overdose deaths.

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Details Behind NY Medical Intervention Study

New York state is one of many states that are already participating in what is being called a 'federal communities healing study' designed to address the issue of addiction. The study is being conducted by a host of individuals from around the state. The latest NY county to join in the study is Chautauqua County and Chautauqua joins Broome, Cortland, Genesee, Monroe, Orange, Sullivan and Yates counties.


The study's focus has been the usage of medication to combat addiction while at the same time also addressing the stigma associated with individuals who have used and been addicted to opioids as they gradually rebuild and take steps to regain control of their individual lives.

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Mr. Steve Kilburn is one individual who has tied himself into this program. Mr. Kilburn is the Grant Director for the Chautauqua County Rural Community Opioid Response Program (RCORP) and to this point in the study, he and colleagues have focused on the communications campaign of this study. Utilizing both social media as well as mainstream media, they are spreading awareness on the usage as well as the overall effectiveness that medications like Suboxone, Methadone and Vivitrol have on previously addicted individuals.

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Early Impact of Medical Intervention is Positive

An article from spectrumnews1 highlighted one subject of the study, Ms. Jessica Crooks. Crooks in her own words is a recovering heroin addict and by her own admission stated that the addiction 'ruined my life'. When she decided to get clean and went into detox, she was given the option of taking the medication Suboxone. The report stated that she has taken the drug every day for the past five years and it has '...taken away her craving and the thought of it altogether...'.

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In the report, it was mentioned that currently in the US...

fentanyl overdoses are the leading cause of death for adults between the ages of 18-45.

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Keeping that in mind, it is a very positive thing to see that despite how crippling opioid addiction can be, it is possible to as the expression goes 'pick up the pieces' and rebuild your life. Jessica Crooks is clearly in a much better scenario in life currently compared to what she used to be.

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The article stated that Crooks currently works with the Mental Health Association where she runs the Strong Start Chautauqua program. She helps other individuals particularly pregnant women and women with young children with their own recovery. There's something to be said about someone helping you in your journey and that person helping you has walked in those very same shoes.

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One of the most poignant things Crooks stated was how people should not be ashamed to take any form of medication to help in their addiction battle. There is no shame whatsoever when it comes to fighting battles such as these. For Crooks there is a night and day difference between herself now, taking Suboxone for recovery from addiction and herself being in the middle of addiction.

Considering the sheer number of incidents that have occurred over the years involving addiction and opioids is overwhelming. Stories like these though are what is needed though because it showcases that there are dedicated individuals who are there to help those that need it. More importantly, it is important to see that there are people who have succeeded and have shown that it is possible to win the battle. That means plenty of others have the ability to beat addiction as well.

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