All right, on plenty of occasions over the last year I have written about and spent time writing stories about our local law enforcement and their successes. Our local law enforcement does a great job dealing with the numerous instances of crime throughout the region.

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However even with as great of a job as they do, our law enforcement is looking for more help. Specifically the New York State Police are on the lookout for new recruits and just recently it was announced that the NYSP will be starting a new recruitment campaign in order to help those efforts.

New York State Police Recent Campaign Success

The New York State Police as an institution are actually coming off the heels of a rather successful recruitment campaign. The most recent recruitment campaign by New York State Troopers concluded on October 1, 2023 and according to the official press release from NYSP, the campaign was quite successful.


Recently the NYSP made a request to New York Governor Kathy Hochul, about raising the age limit that is associated with applying for NYSP Exam. The Governor approved the State Police request and the age limit to apply for NYSP Exam was raised to 35. WIth that increase, NYSP saw a increase in applicants in the 29-34 age demographic and in total the NYSP had 12,691 applicants sign up to take the exam.


In addition to the age limit increase for regular civilians, the age limit was also increased for individuals with military service. For every one year of military service, the age limit for the NYSP also increases one year, up to seven years. This would mean that THose who served in the military can apply for the NYSP Exam up until the age of 42.

New Policies and Benefits in NYSP Recruitment Campaign

The new recruitment campaign features a number of new changes that might make applying to the New York State Police more appealing. One of these factors is the lightened stance on applicants having tattoo's. Applicants with tattoos on their chest, back or arms, simply need to make sure that their tattoo's are covered and not visible while wearing the standard and appropriate work attire. NYSP is also actively committing itself to the "30X30 pledge", meaning that by the year 2030 NYSP will increase its number of female recruits to 30%.


If you could imagine, there are also numerous other benefits that come to being a member of the New York State Police. For starters, the starting salary for a NYSP recruit who has been appointed to the academy is nearly $60,000 ($59,612 to be exact). Following one year of service the minimum salary a NYSP officer will make is $98,000. While the possibilities of pay are strong, what is equally as strong are the benefits of NYSP. Strong in this case means NYSP officers receive full benefits as well as retirement.

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When and Where Can One Apply?

Officially the new campaign as well as sign-up period has already begun. NYSP began accepting applications for the exam on October 23 and applications will be taken through March 4, 2024. All new applicants will have until March 17, 2024 to take the Trooper Entrance Examination. Applicants at the earliest will be able to take their exams starting on November 6, 2023.

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Applicants will have the ability to also pick and choose where they prefer to take their examination. Just in New York State, there are 60 different authorized testing locations for applicants to choose from. More information as well as a study guide for the exam can be found at Good luck to all of those who have and will be applying.

Are You Strong Enough to Pass the New York State Police Physical Exam?

The Trooper Physical Ability Test consists of three subtests. Here's what we found online:

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New York State Police Canine Unit

Here is a partial list of the New York State Police K9 Unit. This division was created in 1975. The original three canines were put into service as explosives detection canines in preparation for the 1980 Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid, New York.

New York State Police canines are named in honor of the men and women of the state police who have died in the line of duty.

Gallery Credit: Karolyi

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