This must have been quite a scene. Details are still a bit scarce, but officials say a New York state man was placed under arrest for an incident that happened at a Taco Bell New Year's Eve. WNYT did not indicate how this incident escalated, but the alleged confrontation lead to not only restaurant furniture being thrown airborne, but also Taco Bell hot sauce.

WNYT says that an Albany man working at the establishment grabbed some packets of the Taco Bell 180-degree hot sauce and let loose on a hapless co-worker. This comes after the suspect allegedly threw furniture at the same person. Police have not said what kind of furniture exactly was used as a projectile, though luckily he missed. WNYT says the 180-degree hot sauce actually caused burns to the victim after it was splashed on them. Fortunately, there is no further evidence that any other items from the Taco Bell menu were used as weapons that day.

The suspect was arrested by Colonie police on unrelated charges, and turned over police in North Greenbush.

In other Taco Bell related news from the Capitol Region, you may remember this story from February 2020? Police say that a 34-year-old suspect robbed a Taco Bell and then was later caught at a nearby strip club. WNYT reports that the Watervliet man escaped from the restaurant with $340. But it wasn't tacos and chalupas the suspect might have been craving. According to police, the man then ran across the street to an adult club called Nite Moves in Latham. Either the man was hoping the darkly lit club would provide a good hideout, or maybe he was looking to spend some of that Taco Bell cash?

It is uncertain if the money ever got him any lap dances, for police quickly caught up him and arrested him in the club.

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