In one of the more bizarre headlines so far this week, police say a man suffered wounds to his chest after a former acquaintance shot him with a compound bow and arrow. But it appears there is a lot more to this story.

Authorities say the victim was staying at an abandoned country club where he was storing both personal property, and items believed to have been stolen. It is not certain how long he's been staying there, and how his relationship with the alleged shooter deteriorated.

Police are conducting a further investigation into the matter.

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Wannabe Robin Hood Apprehended 

WBNG says the alleged bow and arrow attack happened early Tuesday morning in the Town of Binghamton. Police say when they arrived, two suspects were seen fleeing in a black sedan. WBNG says that NY State Police located the vehicle nearby, but both suspects fled on foot. A perimeter was set up, and the two 21-year-old suspects were taken into custody, according to officials.

The sheriff’s office said that one of the suspects knew the victim, and ambushed him at the abandoned site after their friendship fell apart at some point.


 What Was at the Abandoned Site? 

Police say the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police say the empty club was quite the storehouse, as they happen to stumble upon five rifles, a sawed-off shotgun, one BB gun, and two handguns. Police say they also found a number of items that are allegedly stolen, which include a chain saw, a dirt bike, and other goods.

Another NY State Man Lands Arrow in Side of House

Remember this story from 2020? A 28-year-old upstate man who was practicing using a bow and arrow got more than he bargained for after his practice session went awry. Seneca Falls Police say the man was practicing his shot at a target one afternoon in October 2020, when "an equipment malfunction" caused the arrow to shoot. Instead of hitting the intended marked target, the arrow went sailing into a house wall. Police say once they arrived after a complaint, they found the arrow "embedded into the exterior wall of a house."

There is no word if anyone was in the house when this happened. Though we can only imagine the shock if you were sitting in your living room, minding your business, and an arrow suddenly comes sailing out of nowhere and through one of your walls. That would probably not be very pleasant.


The Fayette NY man ended up being arrested, according to  Police say there is an ordinance (146-4) in the Town of Seneca Falls that prohibits the use of any bow within the old village limits. The man was charged with the discharge of firearms and weapons.

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