For the second time in a little over a month, New York authorities have busted someone in possession of exotic animals on their property, including dangerous reptiles.

Now, according to ABC NY, two Seaford, NY men are in hot water, after police allegedly found dangerous reptiles in their possession Monday afternoon. NBC says the Nassau County SPCA, Nassau County District Attorney’s office, and the NY DEC conducted the investigation.

Police believe the men were raising the reptiles for sale on the black market. ABC says that police found at least one alligator, as well as venomous Gila monsters, and several caimans inside what officials believe was a getaway vehicle. 

ABC> says a nearby reptile shop in Levittown was raided where officials took a five-foot-long monitor lizard.

SPCA president Gary Rogers said:

They're illegal to have in New York state, they're a danger to the public so that's why they're being removed.

We have two individuals that are in custody, one from the house and one from the store.