The first Common Core Task Force meeting is scheduled for today in New Rochelle. It’s the first of 12 public meetings around the state to try and fix problems over student testing and higher learning standards.

New York was one of the first major states to implement Common Core state standards. Now the state is joining others that want to fix or end Common Core testing altogether.

Last month, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo launched the 15 person task force. Cuomo says he's directed the task force to "do a total reboot" of the system.  "Implementation of the Common Core just did not work," Cuomo said. "Like other people nationwide, our students, teachers, administrators, and parents are confused and anxious. The evidence of failure is everywhere."

The Governor is also hoping to reduce both the number and length of student tests while making sure those tests correlate with what students are learning in the classroom.

News 10 reports, five speakers with different viewpoints will address the task force and answer questions from the panel today.

The task force is made up of State Education Department official’s educators, teachers, parents, and bipartisan legislators from the Assembly and Senate.

Parents and community members can offer their opinions on how to fix the problems with Common Core testing on the task force’s website.

The group is expected to deliver final recommendations by the end of the year.