As someone who has lived in the New Paltz area for years, I have always thought it was great how it seems for every holiday there is some kind of community tradition.  Both the Town and the Village of New Paltz seem to make great locations for events that help local groups and encourage people to come to be a part of the fun.

Last month, the annual Halloween Parade returned in all its grandeur. From the looks of all the pictures and video, it seems to have been a record-breaking crowd. This month, the Village of New Paltz will once again be the site of one of my favorite events because it helps a great group, the Family of New Paltz. Yes, The New Paltz Turkey Trot is back but with one small change for this year. You can run the race when you want and it counts as long as you're done by November 30th.

I first learned about the Turkey Trot when I had a shop on Water Street Market. Everyone of all ages would gather at the Market on Thanksgiving Day to head out on the run. Never having run the event myself, I am not sure but I believe both the starting line and the finish line is at the Market located at the bottom of Main street.

A Worthy Cause

For 17 years, the New Paltz Turkey Trot 5K fundraiser has benefited the Family of New Paltz. The money raised at the Turkey Trot has stocked the food pantry, assisted in case management services, and countless other things that the Family of New Paltz is involved with inside the community.

This year's run is set up to be virtual, which means runners can run on their own. If you want to compete and raise the money to help you just have to register at and have run the Turkey Trot course before November 30th. You can also contact Ivan at 845-255-7957 or Jen at 845-392-3624 for information.

Whether you run it on Thanksgiving day or not you will still be helping an organization here in the Hudson Valley care for your neighbors in the community.

After your run why not catch a movie.

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