Hope everyone had a Happy Easter! Well, maybe not this guy.

This story is actually from late 2016, but it's gone viral again due to the fact that it was just Easter, and the fact that we're dealing with a grown man in a bunny suit.

Just so happens this man in a bunny suit was blowing an air horn while inside a police station.


NBC New York says that Kevin Hemmerich entered the Hopatcong Police Station November 17 to turn himself in on a warrant stemming from a vehicle accident. For whatever reason, Hemmerich is dressed like a bunny and can be seen in this video, posted by our sister station Jersey 101.5, repeatedly blasting an air horn.

Perhaps he was filming something for the internet or maybe he just wanted to be annoying? Who knows?

Well, the police weren't too thrilled. They told him several times to stop blowing the horn until one cop had had enough and decided to open-hand smack Hemmerich across the face.

Now, the police officer is being charged with assault. Hopatcong Police say the officer acted accordingly and they are confident he will be vindicated when the case is addressed in a court of law.