More and more couples seem to be pushing for non-traditional weddings  After all, the whole chapel wedding thing is pretty standard.

But one New Jersey couple found themselves saying "I Do" in quite an unusual place. And it all happened because of a very serious and unexpected reason. ABC 7 NY says that the Ocean Township couple were set to marry at the Monmouth County Courthouse on January 2.

Then, things got crazy.

The groom's mother started having an asthma attack. Officers on duty assisted the women as paramedics were called. They were going to have to get the mother medical attention, but there was one catch. If they didn't get married right then, they'd have to wait another forty five days. Plus, the mom had to be there since she signed the marriage license. 

So, one quick thinking officer suggested they have the wedding in the women's bathroom. Hey, why not?

Both bride and groom agreed. They even said their vows next to the paper towel dispenser.

Fortunately, no one was using the facilities while the couple exchanged vows.