New Yorkers really do love their Dunkin'

Believe it or not, there are many parts of the United States where Dunkin' is as much of a way of life as it is here in New York. In much of the West and Midwest, there aren't nearly as many locations of the beloved fast food chain as there are in the Northeast.

Many New Yorkers couldn't imagine starting their day without a cup of Dunkin' coffee and a sandwich. And what would any staff meeting, school function or church gathering be without a box or four of donuts in that iconic orange and white box?

New Dunkin' Locations Popping Up Throughout New York

Because of the insane popularity of Dunkin' throughout our region, more locations have begun popping up all over the place. It appears the goal is to make sure no one has to drive more than a mile or two before hitting another Dunkin'.

Recently, some Hudson Valley residents found a hilarious demonstration of Dunkin's dominance by witnessing a new location appear right next to an already existing Dunkin'.

M. Rosengarten
M. Rosengarten

The Hudson Valley's Newest Dunkin' is Right Next to Another Dunkin'

Commuters have been chuckling about the juxtaposition of the newest Dunkin' location on Route 208 in Montgomery, New York. The restaurant has been under construction since earlier this year and appears almost ready to open.

Because the new location looks complete from the outside, the fact that it's sitting next to another fully functioning Dunkin' gives the impression that both are open for business.

Of course, once the new Dunkin' opens the smaller location will close. A similar situation happened last year in Red Oaks Mill.

A. Boris
A. Boris

Not the First Time a Dunkin' has Opened Next to Another Dunkin' in the Hudson Valley

In 2022 construction began on a 3,000-square-foot Dunkin' on Vassar Road in Red Oaks Mill. The new restaurant was built across the street from an existing Dunkin' location. Of course, as soon as construction was complete the smaller location closed down.

More Dunkin' Locations in the Works

The dominance of Dunkin' throughout the Hudson Valley continues as more locations are planned for 2024. The Mobil Mart on Route 9 near Marist College has plans to convert to a full-functioning Dunkin' location. The massive renovation would increase the footprint of the existing building and add a drive-thru window.

If Dunkin' continues to expand at this rate, we may one day actually see a Dunkin' truly operating next to another Dunkin'. Dare to dream.

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