How would you like to have butterflies, honey bees, and hummingbirds in your garden this year? I know how you can make it happen. Attend the native plant sale tomorrow at the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum's Outdoor Discovery Center on Muser Drive across from Angola Road in Cornwall.

You will find a variety of native plants selected to attract pollinators like the ones I mentioned earlier. Not only will they attract desired wildlife, native plants are also hardy and they have adapted over time to local climate extremes. And they are more resistant to disease and pests than non native plants. There will also be gardeners at the sale that can offer advice and guidance on which plants will be best for your garden.

For more information about tomorrow's native plant sale and other events happening at the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum in Cornwall, go to their website at or call (845) 534-5506 ext. 204.

Butterfly on Plant
Sam Greenwood /Getty Images