Look up! NASA's next mission takes flight soon, and we could get to see here across the skies of the Hudson Valley. But, as is often the case with past meteor showers, or supermoons, or anything else to watch in the night sky, weather plays a factor. we're expecting snow this weekend. How long will this winter storm stick around?

The time between late fall through early spring are some of the cloudiest days of the year, especially in the Northeast and New York state. We just happen to be stuck around that time.

NASA Flight To Be Seen in the Northeast? 

New York Upstate says that NASA will launch its Electron rocket from NASA’s Wallops Island Flight Facility in Virginia Saturday. The Rocket Lab mission will take flight in a 59-foot-tall vessel around 6 PM that evening. NASA says that residents in the Hudson Valley and other areas on the East Coast should be able to spot the rocket around 90 to 180 seconds after takeoff.

You'll want to look towards the southern sky.

Hudson Valley Weather Forecast 

As far as weather, it will all depend when the upcoming snow storm moves out of the area. If the snow an clouds move depart by morning, this could give enough time for skies to partially clear by Saturday evening. The Weather Channel says that Saturday's late afternoon forecast calls for partly cloudy skies.

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If the weather doesn't cooperate, then you can always view the launch online through Rocket Lab’s livestream.

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