All right, we all know the Super Bowl is the largest sporting event of the year and is the most viewed event on television every single year. Millions upon millions of people tune in and watch the big game and because of that the Super Bowl has become a time for all people to get together with friends or family to enjoy the festivities.

Like any big party though, the party is never complete without food and Super Bowl Sunday is a great time to get some great eats and stuff our faces until we're sick. So I figured if everyone else and their mother is already talking about their favorite Super Bowl foods, I might as well jump on the bandwagon and talk about my favorite Super Bowl foods as well.

Number 1: Chips

First off I have to say, this list is going according to what I'll be eating first at the start of the game. You need a good snack or most cases many good snacks for the Super Bowl and because I can't pick just one one kind, I'm lumping them all together in one category. My normal go to Doritos and I'm a huge fan of spicy food so my favorites are the 'Flamin Hot Limon' and maybe just maybe, I'll use those same chips and turn them into a plate of nacho's. See chips aren't just chips, they're a versatile snack.

Number 2: Potatoes

All right, I know I know "chips are made from potatoes" understand my listing of potatoes here is because again, they're versatile. I need some form of french fries, curly fries, spicy fries or whatever as my side dish for the big game. Preferably, I go with the loaded potato skins just list bit of shredded cheese and bacon bits tossed on top. Dab them off with a little bit of ranch dressing or hot sauce and they're perfect.


Number 3: Wings

This next I don't really need to say much about. You can't have any type of Super Bowl party without wings. I don't really care whether they're with bone or boneless, wings are delicious and I break them up with some form of spicy wings like the Louisiana rub available at Wingstop and then a Garlic Parmesan or Lemon Pepper to even everything out.

Cajun Wings
Fran Atria

 Finally Number 4: Chili

Need I really say anything about Chili or how delicious it is? I don't think so but I will anyway. No Super Bowl is complete without having at least one big helping of homemade chili. As I've said, I love spicy food so I will had extra chili powder and a TON of hot sauce to my chili and just in case that wasn't enough heat, those Flamin Hot Doritos I mentioned earlier, they're going right in the bowl. Oo the heart nurn later will come close to killing me but damn-it, it's delicious.


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Well, that's it. These foods are unequivocally the top foods that I need to have for the Super Bowl. Probably not going to lead to me feeling to get ready on Monday morning but I'll deal with that when I have to.

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