One thing that is really cool about living in a world that has evolved so far with technology allows having things we only thought were possible in the movies. I love all these gadgets, but my smartwatch acts a little screwy sometimes.

The smartwatch tracks my steps and movement, exercise, and how much I stand each day. The damn thing alerts you every time you hit a daily goal or alerts you to motivate you to achieve the daily goal. That being said, my watch picks weird times to tell me that I achieved these goals.

For example, nine out of ten times my watch will alert me telling me I achieved my standing goal for the day while I've been sitting on my butt for two hours. Very frequently, I'm alerted that I hit my movement goal, but I'm literally sitting there barely moving, just scrolling through my phone or something.

I would be amazed if I hit my exercise goal for the day, but my watch has given up hope that I'll ever hit that goal. My point is, while these devices are great, and we're very fortunate to live in a time where we can enjoy them, I just think that they're a little weird sometimes that's all.

Lastly, I feel that my watch messing with me on purpose. Every night for the past two weeks, as soon as I lay down in bed, close my eyes, start to feel myself drift off to dreamland, and bam! my wrist starts vibrating telling me to "breathe". This Breathe app encourages you to take deep breathes for 60 seconds. I get it, but why are you telling me when I'm literally falling asleep you stupid watch?

Anyone else that gets weirded out by the behavior of the smart devices?

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