The theme for My Lost Treasure is building a city. We are doing it through great rock and roll songs. It's a big city. Houses, parks, schools, etc. We have also added a train station, a switching yard, and some trains. But I think we also need a bus to get around.

I like ZZ Top. They are not my favorite band, but I like them. I got to see ZZ Top in concert back in the 80s. They were really good. Not just the music, but also the choreography. You know how they are in their videos? They were just like that. It was very cool. And if I had to pick an era of ZZ Top that I like the best, it would be old ZZ Top. And today's treasure goes way back to 1973. 44 years ago. Yikes! This song is almost 50 years old!

I'm still looking for songs that will work with our building a city theme. Got any ideas? Let me know at Thanks!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Rock News