It's a body parts theme on My Lost Treasure, and we have already played one from The Rolling Stones during this theme. Off the top of my head I can still think of at least three more songs from The Stones that fit the theme.

This weekend is officially a Rolling Stones weekend here on My Lost Treasure. I am going to play the two most lost of the songs of the three that are in my mind. We will kick it off today with a great one from the Tattoo You album. Keith Richards takes lead vocals on this one, and you know how much I love Keith. It also only mentions the initials of the body parts in the title, but I think we can all figure it out.

Tomorrow we will play the second Rolling Stones body parts song of the weekend. It is another really good one. Speaking of weekends, I hope you are enjoying yours. Boris and i are off Monday, but we will talk to you on Tuesday as we kick off Tiny House Week on The Boris and Robyn Show.

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