The new theme here on My Lost Treasure is Body Parts. Eyes, head, heart, etc. There are lots of them that have made it into song titles. Today we kick off the weekend with a great "eyes" song from The Rolling Stones.

This is a favorite of mine. It has such a country rock flavor to it, and The Stones are really good at that. Just like they are really good at the blues and straight up rock and roll. Actually, is there anything that The Rolling Stones are not good at? Not in my opinion. Today's pick goes out to john who used to own Angelina's Pizza in Hyde Park. Back in the day, John would call me at least once a week asking for this song. And he made a damn good pizza.

I hope you enjoy the weekend. If you can think of a good song that fits the Body parts theme, pass them along to me. It's and I am also on facebook. Thanks!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Rock News