Just a couple of more days for our in and out theme on My Lost Treasure.  I could not let the theme end without playing this awesome "in" song from The Rolling Stones.  It is one of my favorites.

Today we are turning to the Let It Bleed album from The Rolling Stones.  I guess for a long time I thought this was a Rolling Stones original.  I think that I thought that about most songs that lots of different groups did.  Then I learned more about The Stones and their love for the blues and the influence it had on them.  The same with so many Zeppelin songs that I thought were original to Zeppelin.  Today's pick is a song written by Robert Johnson, a huge influence on The Rolling Stones.

Only one more day of the in and out theme.  The new theme will be the negative Ns... No, no one, nobody, never... Get the picture?  I will take any suggestions you have. Email me at robyn@wpdh.com.  Thanks