Happy Monday. But it's not just any Monday. It's April 15. Tax day. And this year, there are a lot of unhappy taxpayers who did not realize that their refund would be smaller this year. That is if they are even getting a refund. Let's brighten the mood with a song from The Beatles.

I love The Beatles. I own just about every album, and I could listen to each one of them over and over without even getting tired of the music. I always say that my favorite Beatles album is the one that I'm listening to at any given moment. So I guess my favorite one right this minute is Revolver because that's the album that today's lost treasure is from.

I would say Happy Tax Day if I thought it was appropriate, but with so many unhappy people, I'll just say that I hope you enjoy my pick for My Lost Treasure. Now go take care of those taxes.

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