It is a Negative Ns theme right now on My Lost Treasure.  Songs with negative n words like no, nobody, never, none, etc.  I think we will be playing a lot of good songs for this theme.  Today's pick is one of my all time favorites.

Whenever I think of a new theme, I always think to myself, is there a song by The Band that fits the theme?  And this time, there is a great one.  I love The Band.  The music, the local Woodstock connection, the fact that they used to come into the radio station to promote shows and they were always so nice.  Yup, I love just about everything about The Band.  They are definitely in my top ten favorites.

Do you have a favorite negative n song?  I bet you do.  i would love to play it on My Lost treasure.  Just send it to me to, and thank you.  I get so many great ideas from you.