The theme is songs with a holiday reference in the title that were never meant to be holiday songs. Songs about red, green, blue, white (for Chanukah), candles, trees, bells, balls, etc. Since today is the first day of Chanukah, today's lost treasure has blue in the title.

I don't know why the official colors of Chanukah are blue and white. At least I think those are the official colors. If not, then they are definitely the unofficial colors. In any case, in honor of Chanukah, I am playing one of my favorite blue songs. It's also one of my favorite Allman Brothers tunes. It just makes me happy every time I hear it, and I notice the people around me seem happy too. So, Happy Chanukah!

If you have an idea for a song that can be tied in with the holidays, yet isn't an actual holiday song, let me know what it is. You can email me at or find me on facebook. Thanks!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Cat News