We are working on a Negative Ns theme here on My Lost Treasure, and today is day 2 of Negative N songs from The Allman Brothers.  They have a few songs that fit the bill, but I think we will just stick to two.

I referred to yesterday's treasure from The Allman brothers as a "new" Allman brothers song.  Of course, at 23 years old it is not new, but today's pick goes back way further.  I guess everything is relative.  Our song for today was written by Gregg Allman about an old girlfriend, at least that is the story i have always heard.  He even called his book My Cross To bear, taking that title from today's song.

We have lots more Negative N songs to finish off the month of April, but I would still love to hear your ideas.  Send them along to me at robyn@wpdh.com.  Thanks for all the help!