Today on My Lost Treasure we celebrate Lindsey Buckingham, who was born on this day, Oct. 3, back in 1949. Happy 69th, Lindsey!

Lindsay Buckingham departed from Fleetwood Mac earlier this year, which was kind of a shock to fans. I remember seeing Fleetwood Mac in the mid to late 1990s at what was then The Pepsi Arena in Albany. It's the Times Union center now, I believe. Anyway, it was The Dance Tour where they had reunited. So it was Lindsey and Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, and Christine, and John McVie. The best line-up ever.I was lucky enough to have seats in the 8th row. It was so close that I could see Lindsey's fingers playing his guitar. They did just about every song I wanted to hear and then some. It was a great show

Even though Fleetwood Mac have replaced Lindsey Buckingham with some fine musicians, I'll always think of Lindsey when I think of Fleetwood Mac. And I'm thinking of him today on his birthday. Here's one of my favorites from Lindsey and Fleetwood Mac. Enjoy!

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