Dec. 18. Two important birthdays to remember today. The first is Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones. He's 75 years old today. The second birthday is my friend Melissa's son Zach, who was born on Dec. 18 2006. I hope Zach has a great birthday, but this is all about Keith.

Remember when it was a big joke that Keith Richards probably wouldn't make it past 50? He did lots of drugs and drank lots of alcohol in his day, but somehow survived it. And today he turns 75 and is still going strong. In fact, The Stones just announced a North American tour, and they'll be in our area in June. Talk about staying power.

The song I chose for today is one of my favorite songs from The Rolling Stones. The melody, the lyrics, everything about it. I hope you like it, too. Happy Birthday Keith. I'm so glad you defied the odds, and are still here to show us what rock and roll is all about. You're the best!