The theme we are working on right now on My Lost Treasure is the Negative Ns. Songs with no, not, none, nowhere, and words like that in the title.  Today you are getting two great versions of one awesome Negative N song.  I could not decide, so you are getting both.

Of course I have to play the original version from Bob Dylan, but I am so in love with the George Harrison version of this song that I have to play that also.  Two for the price of one. And what a great way to kick off the weekend.  Today's song, at least the Bob Dylan one, goes out to my long time friend Tommy Webster.  Even though I loved Dylan before I met Tommy, I got to love him even more.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to join me and WPDH tomorrow from noon - 2pm at Devitt's Nursery and Supply on Route 32 in New Windsor.  We will be there celebrating Earth Day, and I hope you'll stop in to say hi.