The theme is the Five Ws. Who, What, When, Where, and Why. I realize that I did a version of this song already, but it is Bob Dylan'r birthday today, and I have to do it again. But I am playing a different version.

I must admit that some of my favorite Bob Dylan songs are versions recorded by other performers. But I also love the original Bob Dylan versions. Today it is a song that Bob wrote for The Band, and I am playing a version from New Years Day back in 1971 that includes both Bob Dylan and The Band. Happy 76th birthday, Bob Dylan. I hope you continue to bring us great music for many years to come.

Today's lost treasure goes out to my longtime friend Tommy Webster. He made me love Bob Dylan even more than I already had. That was many, many years ago. And we are still friends after all these years. Here's to Bob Dylan's birthday and to long lasting friendships.

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