The theme right now on My Lost Treasure is a letter theme that was inspired by the Letter Game that we play on The Boris and Robyn Show. We are playing a week of songs starting with each letter of the alphabet. Right now we are doing N songs.

Today's lost treasure is one of my favorite Billy Joel songs. If not my absolute favorite, it's definitely one of my top three favorites from Billy Joel. This one goes out to my friend Cheryl in Florida, who I believe still is occasionally in a New York state of mind. It also goes out to my friend Vicki who got me into listening to Billy Joel way back when I was a teenager.

The N songs wrap up tomorrow. Got an idea for a song that starts with the letter O that you would like to hear? Or a P or Q song? Any song for that matter. Let me know at or find me on facebook. Thanks!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Rock News