The current theme on My Lost Treasure is old and/or new.  I have played a slew of "old" songs, but I realized that there are not all that many "new" song.  Unless you count New York songs.  So, let's do it.  And we will kick it off with Billy Joel.

Billy Joel recently appeared on late night television and revealed his top five favorite songs that he did.  Today's treasure did not make Billy's list, but it is on mine.  Maybe even one of my top three favorites from Billy Joel.  This one goes out to my friend Cheryl in Florida, who I believe still is occasionally in a New York state of mind.  It also goes out to my friend Vicki, who got me into listening to Billy Joel.

We'll do some New York songs to close out the theme, and then we will move on to our next them which will be up and/or down.  Got a favorite song with New York in the title?  Got an up or down song request?  Let me know at  Thanks.