So, here we are just a couple of weeks from Thanksgiving 2020 and I find myself in a little bind. We always celebrate Thanksgiving with my brother and his fiance. They come up from Queens, I make a nice dinner and we enjoy some good food and quality family time. But this year is different because of covid. At least it is to me.

I have been so very careful over the past nine months. I haven’t stepped foot in a grocery store. I have only seen a few friends who are in my little bubble. I wash and sanitize. I wear my mask religiously. And now I’m nervous to host my own brother at a small Thanksgiving gathering. And what makes it worse is that he does not feel the same way. He thinks that he and his fiance are careful, and we did see them once during the summer, but we were outside and able to socially distance. But this is different. It’s inside.

But the real reason that I’m so torn is that my brother is my only immediate family. We only have each other now, so it’s important that we stay close and see and talk to each other as much as possible. And we’re not getting any younger, let’s face it.

So what should I do? I was thinking maybe a socially distanced dinner. My brother and his fiance at the dining room table and my boyfriend Bobby and I at the kitchen island. There is an opening between the two rooms and we can still see each other and talk to each other, but we’d be more than 6 feet apart. I’m not sure how else to do it.

Any advice? How are you doing Thanksgiving this year? Will you be gathering with family and friends or are you sitting this one out? Share your plans, and maybe I can pick up a few safe Thanksgiving tips. However you choose to celebrate, I hope your Thanksgiving is a happy one.

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