I knew this day would come, so it was expected, but, I dreaded it if I'm being honest. My air fryer has finally disappointed me.

When I first got an air fryer I was so excited that I was throwing everything in that thing. Obviously, the first thing I put in the air fryer was french fries. They came out good, considering there was no oil used, they were crispy and tasted great. I then tried pizza rolls, which were awesome, but oddly enough I prefer the microwave for those little pockets of hot lava.

The one thing that I wanted to try was mozzarella sticks, but not the crappy ones you find in grocery stores. I wanted legit mozzarella sticks like you would get when you go out to eat. Nothing against the grocery store mozzarella sticks, but they just don't cut it.

After forgetting for months to go to the correct store to get the real mozzarella sticks, I finally remembered one day and it was time to test out if the air fryer could deliver mozzarella sticks that are restaurant-worthy.

The first run of cooking the mozzarella sticks in an air fryer resulted in how I expected it to. The mozzarella sticks were cooked but did not have that crisp that is necessary and expected upon the first bite. Now I only did it once, so Ik could play with temperature and timing and try to get the ratio right, but I'm not sure if the air fryer can pull it off.

Air fryers are great and I definitely suggest you purchase one, but I think there are some things that an air fryer can't pull off. I mean I've cooked a steak in the air fryer just for the hell of it, go ahead, try it, it will surprise you. In my opinion, Mozzarella sticks should be cooked in oil for the best results.

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