Here is the most played song live off every Judas Priest album.

The metal legends' catalog stands at 19 studio albums, the latest being Invicible Shield. Impressively, the album arrives 50 years apart from Judas Priest's 1974 debut, Rocka Rolla. More impressively, it is an obvious standout, even when stacked up against the long venerated classics.

As a heavy metal institution, there are so many all-time songs that feel like necessary inclusions in any Priest set. And while that may be true, the band has dug deep into their past in the Richie Faulkner era, recognizing so many deep cuts and hidden gems.

Among the most played songs off each record, there are four tracks that have been performed over 1,000 times each!

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With over 1,600 shows under their studded belts and still counting, Judas Priest will continue to add to these totals. So, let's salute metal's longest active running heavy metal band and hail them for being the Metal Gods they are!

With as our guide, see the most played song off each album below.

The Most Played Song Live Off Every Judas Priest Album

With 19 studio albums, there is a lot of material for Judas Priest to pull from. See the most performed live track from each of those records!

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Gallery Credit: Joe DiVita

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