Tis the season for Secret Santa's. Love them or hate them, schools, offices, community groups, and more are embarking on the holiday tradition. Secret Santa's can be difficult or awkward at times, especially if you don't know the person you have selected. Other times, it is a perfect fit, and everyone walks away ecstatic. Whenever I am participating in a Secret Santa, I tell people to just get me food, or chocolate specifically. You can't go wrong with that, in my opinion, unless there are allergies. For the most part, that's exactly what I'll receive, and I am satisfied. One year, however, someone went the extra step to find something hilarious and personal, and I have never forgotten it.

Back in high school, a group of friends wanted to hold our own little Secret Santa. When it came time to exchange the presents, I received my chocolate along with one or two other small things, but the final part was what stuck out the most. With the gift was a miniature of Burl Ives' Sam the Snowman from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. 

Conor Walsh
Conor Walsh







The iconic character has been gracing our television screens since 1964, and filling our hearts with Christmas cheer each year; however, this was a very specific present. Earlier that month, I was in a Christmas performance at school where I was dressed up as Sam the Snowman. I repurposed an inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume, added a vest, bought an appropriate hat, and wore fake white facial hair reminiscent of the character.

Conor Walsh
Conor Walsh







Seeing the little plush was like seeing a "mini-me" in a way. It was a sweet gift, and it was certainly a highlight of that season. It just goes to show that you don't have to go too expensive or over the top to come up with a thoughtful gift. Sometimes all it takes is just paying attention to the little things.

So, Hudson Valley, what have been some of your most memorable Secret Santa gifts?

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